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My Immortal Love

Tweet                 I want to see you smile again I want to see that sparkle in your eyes I want to hear your laugh I want to feel the longing in your voice … Continue reading

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Heart of glass

Tweet You shattered my heart and the tiny fragments scattered through out my body collecting in the corners of my mind: slicing away my self esteem, piercing my hopes slashing all my dreams carving up my faith and hacking at … Continue reading

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Love Game

Tweet The pieces of my broken heart have collected in my elbow giving me sharp stabs of pain leaving me unable to dance or write or play tennis Love/Zero Game over You win

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More poems

Tweet Harsh words spoken Shatter like broken glass Splintering my heart and tearing us apart Rain washes away the tears Resentment and anger Clog up the years Failure One of life’s biggest Fears Criticisms Recriminations Eating away at my Soul

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