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SEA HEARTS by Margo Lanagan

Tweet     Margo Lanagan’s retelling of the Selkie myth set in the strange, yet oddly familiar island fantasy ‘Sea Hearts’ is mesmerising. Her masterful depiction of this tragic tale of the seal women of Rollrock Island is dripping in … Continue reading

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The Seduction of the Minotaur

Tweet               Deep down in the dark labyrinthe maze of her mind a subconscious, irrepressible desire for seduction did Ariadne find   They marked him a monster a bestial product of Pasiphaë’s passion borne … Continue reading

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TRAGIC BEAUTY- The dark side of Venus Aphrodite and the loss and regeneration of Soul- Arlene Diane Landau

Tweet     A fascinating examination of Aphrodite- Goddess of Love and Beauty as archetypal myth  in modern women and how to avoid ending up a tragic beauty. Drawing from her own experience as a woman who identified strongly with … Continue reading

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Tweet                           Melusina in the long silvery grey dress down to her bare toes on the old tiled floor stands at the kitchen sink inhaling her exasperation silver … Continue reading

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Mermyth Musings

Tweet Just thoughts on the theme…       Littlest fish Sweetest voice Hurting heart Longing soul Devilish deal Sacrificial soul Suffering self Unrequited love Desperate dreams Tragic destiny  

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The River Wife by Heather Rose – a book review

Tweet This is the story of a river and the making of water and the nature of love. Some would say that any story of water is always a story of magic, and others would say any story of love … Continue reading

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Tweet Nereida was sick of being a freak. She would trade it all for her fantasy. She looked up at the faded sign swinging in the breeze, then back down to the card in her hand. They matched. Madame Farouq … Continue reading

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