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300 RISE OF AN EMPIRE (2014) 3D

Tweet   Whoa! Brace yourself for a bloodbath of epic ancient battles splattering the screen and turning the beautiful blue Aegean red with the blood of these legendary Battles of Artemisium and Salamis. Plutarch and Herodotus would be pleased with … Continue reading

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“Sirens Of Santorini” Part 3 of The Odyssey

Tweet   As the rocky black and red volcanic islands rise from the shimmering Aegean sea I feel like all my senses have been roused from slumber like sleeping dogs stirred by the scent of sustenance. I have arrived home, … Continue reading

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Cape Sounion Communion

Tweet   Whispering winds carry the voices of my ancestors Calling me to my destiny To return to what I am To what I must become I walk down the rocky mountain following the footfall of my people Sure footed … Continue reading

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The Odyssey begins

Tweet             13 October 2013 ~ On the road to Athens via Doha- The first leg   my journey has begun I take to the air to spread my wings to sail the seas and … Continue reading

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Long distance lamentations

Tweet He’s no longer with us. Waves of nostalgia crash over me leaving me reeling, staggering through the memories, hoping to grasp something to hold onto.   Today my Uncle Stavros died. My surrogate father in Greece. The man who … Continue reading

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Tweet     Here, once again I am in the land of Mythos   I keep coming back for communion With Zeus, Athena, Poseidon and the others   I have traced Ariadne’s footsteps through the maze of the Minotaur   … Continue reading

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