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New Year New Me

Tweet New Year, New Me New patterns of thinking, doing and being New connections to people the earth myself  A new belief system  and trust in myself  and the universe This year I will listen  To myself My body My … Continue reading

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Santorini of my soul

Tweet                   Echoes of earthquakes fill my empty spaces sighs of souls long forsaken pierce my heart whispers of doom, dead sea dreams, murmurings of lovers lost float to the top tremor … Continue reading

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Tweet     Lovers look away Afraid of losing the spark Setting their hearts aflame Dreams turn to dull dust Hearts are slowly cracking up Souls slipping away Shrivelled up shell of a man Weakly waiting to depart Yet still … Continue reading

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Tweet       I want to whisper your words Inhale your name Pulse over your paragraphs Wrap myself up in your pages And dream your dreams

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Bring me back

Tweet               Anoint me with oils of frankincense, neroli and ylang ylang   still my body still my soul     cleanse away my sins absolve me of my guilt dissolve my anxiety and … Continue reading

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The secret of happiness from “The Alchemist”by Paulo Coelho

Tweet This first week back at school and the VCE students are busy revising for exams in 5 weeks. We revisited “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho and revised the lessons learnt by Santiago the shepherd in this deceptively simple but … Continue reading

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Tweet There is a moment on awakening When all things seem to pause Dreams disappear into dust Thoughts linger like memories Demons freeze and crumble Monsters turn and hide Spirits slip away Breath starts to quicken Hearts skip to the … Continue reading

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