I tried


I tried to convince myself I could live
without you
but I couldn’t tell a lie

I tried to fill up my days with things
but I couldn’t fill the emptiness in me

I tried to erase your sweet voice
but it keeps playing in my head

I tried to drink away my sorrows
but nearly drowned in my tears

I tried to run away
but kept running back to you

I tried to block you out
but I can still hear your song

I tried to destroy your images
but you’re still there when I close my eyes

I tried to forget you in my sleep
but you haunted all my dreams

I tried to cut you out of my life
but you’ll always be a part of my heart

I tried to live without you
but I cannot live

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3 Responses to I tried

  1. Ed says:

    So much more beautiful and amazing each time I read it. It’s my life, my heart, my inner thoughts. I wish I could convey this message, yet the distance and my actions during the loneliness will always speak more loudly and erase what I feel inside. I am my biggest, worst, enemy.

    Thank You for sharing…

  2. Melpomuse says:

    Thank you Ed. What a beautiful response. I’m glad I was able to express a feeling we all know and can connect with. You write beautifully too. Life goes on. Love is never ending.

  3. sarah says:

    what a touching piece of writing, that has moved a place in me, very very heartfelt

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