TRAGIC BEAUTY- The dark side of Venus Aphrodite and the loss and regeneration of Soul- Arlene Diane Landau



A fascinating examination of Aphrodite- Goddess of Love and Beauty as archetypal myth  in modern women and how to avoid ending up a tragic beauty. Drawing from her own experience as a woman who identified strongly with Aphrodite Dr Landau a practicing Jungian therapist successfully blends representations of Aphrodite throughout the ages in myth, story, film and novels from Ancient Greece to Hollywood now with real life “Aphrodite”  case studies encountered in therapy and in her own life. We learn about this beautiful tragic figure who loves and lives without limits, searches for beauty and is a victim of it,  seduces and enslaves admirers only to find them gone as her beauty ages and fades. We also learn about her sisters Artemis and Athena and how to balance her mythic energy and counterbalance it with Sophia- Goddess of Wisdom to regenerate the soul and save our psyches. This is an excellent read for Mythology enthusiasts, women wanting to become conscious of mythic influences and men wanting to understand their goddesses a little deeper.

I recognised myself in Aphrodite- a dominant influence in my life but thankfully also Hera,  Demeter and now Sophia.  

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