Make Me Yours






Spoon me

Hold me

Enfold me in your arms


Touch me

Caress me

Mould me with your hands


Still me

Silence me

Gentle me with your breath


Kiss me

Lick me

Suckle me with your tongue


Bite me

Eat me

Devour me with your teeth


Burn me

Scorch me

Kindle me with your heat


Light me

Ignite me

Illuminate me from the inside


Rock me

Roll me

Rhythm me with your heart


Smooth me

Groove me

Carve your name on my body


Soothe me

Move me

Settle in my  soul


Claim me

Own me

Colonize my heart

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2 Responses to Make Me Yours

  1. James says:

    This was sensual & beautiful. It flowed smoothly, no forced words. I bow to your ease of reflection. May the colony of your heart bloom into a nation of love.

  2. Melpomene says:

    Thank you once more for your poetic response and for paying me respect and compliments with poetry in return.

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