Not Jealous?





But I am

I am jealous of the sun that gets to kiss your face in the morning

of the bed that gets to lie underneath you

of the pillow that soaks up your dreams

of everyone who gets to see your smile

of your clothes that caress your body

of the belt that hugs your hips

of the air that circulates inside of you

of the honey you lick off your lips

of the moon that shines on you when you sleep

That’s how jealous I am

and more

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2 Responses to Not Jealous?

  1. Rob Kennedy says:

    The last line, the last two words, make this poem so much stronger. Your words, get in, under my skin, into my essence. Rob

  2. Melpomene says:

    :) Thank you Rob. That’s great that it’s had that effect on you. That was the sense I tried to convey: the madness of a seduced lover crawling around under your skin, slithering thoughts in the mind, penetrating your soul…ooh I can feel another poem coming on…Thanks for the feedback and inspiration Rob! Mel xx

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