Summer Holidays




Summer is for

lying in




to birdsong


movies from the boot

at the drive in


licking ice cream

whilst on the swing


listening to chirping crickets

and cicadas


stretching in the sun

absorbing Helio’s kisses

on my skin


cocunut , jasmine &  honeysuckle

mingles in my mind


reading and dozing

under a beach umbrella


frisbee frolics in the shallows

boogie boards surfing the waves


crunchy sand between my toes

and on my sheets


backyard cricket cracking

totem tennis tapping


barbeque sizzling

mozzies buzzing


moonlit walks on the pier

glowing sunsets on the beach


lying on the trampoline

winking at the night stars


And then doing it

all over again

the next day

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One Response to Summer Holidays

  1. Sarah says:

    Wow….this is a picture of pleasure, joy a spirit, body and holiday for the mind….beautiful Melanie :-)

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