Colossal Headache







Wise Metis

gave Zeus a colossal worry

What was he to do ?

But swallow
his fear


Warrior Athina
his head open
spewing forth a spurned daughter



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3 Responses to Colossal Headache

  1. Rob Kennedy says:

    That is so powerful. I am amazed and your ability to write in varying voices. Do you thinbk it might need more context though, I will have to look up these characters to find out about them.

    The last line is a stunner.



  2. Melpomene says:

    Thanks Rob!
    It’s based on the mythology of Zeus’ fear that his children with first wife Metis- Goddess of Wisdom would be more powerful than him so he tricked Metis into turning into a fly, then swallowed her. She gave birth to daughter Athena – Goddess of Wisdom, Warrior & protector of Athens inside Zeus’ body and forged and hammered Athena’s armour thereby causing him to have a huge headache. Athena sprang from his head fully formed and ended up being a favourite so maybe I should change the ending?? :)

    I love Mytholgy, Ancient Greek in particular and the problem with this type of poetry is that not everyone gets it but I don’t want to give everything away. Dorothy Porter and Frank Bidart use a lot of mythological references in their poetry so maybe I need to learn from them a bit more on how to do it better.
    Thank you so much for your feedback Rob. I really appreciate it.

  3. Sarah says:

    Don’t change how you write too much….your words are you, they are full of beauty, depth and not everything felt is understood….sometimes not understsnding says more…. :-)

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