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Sade returned to Melbourne to perform a sell out concert for her devoted fans after a break of ten years to totally seduce her worshippers with a mix of classics like, ‘Your Love is King’, ‘Is This A Crime’, Sweetest Taboo’, ‘No Ordinary Love’,’By Your Side’, ‘Jezebel’ and ‘Pearls’. With the full support of a tight band of musicians and back up singers that have been with her for 27 years she explained her hiatus to us thus:


“It’s theorised that each sound we make will reverberate infinitely throughout the universe. As you are the portal to our songs your hearts will be the first to recognise what resonates from ours. You’ll understand that we’re not crazy or lazy…

Ten years it took us to get back here. You’ll understand we strive to be brilliant and struggle to be good, that we are real because we are imperfect, but you will always be our purpose.

We remain ever grateful for your constancy and your applause which will resound in our hearts as long as we live.”



Appearing like a goddess of soul & jazz in an all black skin tight catsuit she sizzled seductively  with effortless style. She captivated us with her tango postures in the opening number, ‘Soldier of Love’ from the most recent album and we soon realised we were in for a treat for all the senses.

With the poise and composure of a bullfighter and fiercely Flamenco stances and florid arm movements in a white shirt &vest, she waved billowing scarlet-red ribbons at us bringing us to our knees to worship at the altar of soul. With each song the set was transformed and costumes changed to create a different ambience to reflect the tone of the song. Every song was a love song speaking of passions lost and found, vulnerabilities, compassion, sorrow and tragedy.

The show’s simple presentation of images projected onto screens and a billowing white cocoon which enveloped her sublimely, highlighted the ethereal Ms Sade.

Genuinely appreciative of her audience Sade made each and every one of us feel like she was performing just for us. The crowd was clearly in love with her and professed their love for her throughout the concert which delighted her. She reflected back the love that was projected to her.

She took our breath away as she sashayed across stage in latinesque salsa movements reminiscient of a snake charmed by the the curvaceous rhythms of the achingly sexy sax solos. She was all snake hips, elegance and grace in a long skintight silver dress.

She presented as a great exotic beauty with those ridiculously full, bee-stung red lips and black winged eyes, that was simultaneously down to earth, vulnerable and grounded as she moved across the stage barefoot like a high priestess of soul and innocent woman-child. Her performance although passionate was restrained and concentrated in a distillation of beauty and passion.

Her voice both deep and throaty, clear and crisp was perfectly pitched and  a pleasure for our ears as her physical beauty and elegant movements were for our eyes. She was a sensual tour de force and the concert pure sensory pleasure from start to finish. Totally inspirational and aspirational.

All the men wanted to make love to her, all the women wanted to be her.


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4 Responses to SADE MELBOURNE CONCERT~December 2nd, 2011

  1. Sarah says:

    What a treat….and this is the power of art….

  2. Dayana says:

    Sensual, exotic, sexy, powerful voice….
    Just mesmerizing and breathtaking…
    Unforgettable night…!!!!

  3. Ana says:

    I have been waiting 20 years to see her n hear her live. What a goddess. I couldn’t stop crying. She is unreal. Thank you for an incredible night of amazing entertainment. Hope u come back soon.

  4. Simon says:

    One of the best concerts I’ve been too in a long time. Absolutely brilliant concert. A pleasure to hear true professional musicians in action. Please return soon

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