I want to swim

in the saltiness

of your skin

to bathe in the warmth

of your comfort

to bask in the light

of your love

to devour your flesh


to drink the honey

from your kiss

to feel the sting

in your bite

to dive into the mountain

between your arms

to plunge into

the waves of your hair

to shudder at the sound

of your voice

to tremble

for the touch

of your hand

to breathe the fire

of your breath

to taste the sea

in your tears

to calm the storm

in your head

to see the memories

in your eyes

to sing the song

of our love

to fall

into you

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2 Responses to I WANT

  1. Poetjanstie says:

    Aaah! You of the passion. There is a rhythm in your words, your poetry, that reflects an unmistakeable rhythm in your life. I like this. In spite of the respect I espouse for the writings of others, I have an overarching desire for a rhythm in words, particularly poetry, so that it flows and joins up. I think your poetry achieves that for me.

  2. Melpomene says:

    Thank you so much John for reading and responding and ‘getting’ me! :) Although I exercise my poetic muscles with free-form spontaneous sensory monologues, list poems, alliteration games, etc, I find myself drawn to structure, form, metre, rhythm and symmetry too. This confluence of ideas & rhythms excites me.
    I quite like pattern poems for the sense of completeness and satisfaction they produce. I love the challenge of a pantoum, villanelle, sestina & sonnet, though I’ve only completed, not quite mastered, the first two. I will keep endeavouring to work on my craft.
    I make no apologies for my passion for life,learning, teaching, literature, poetry; for love, for sensual, erotic poetry- it’s who I am, it’s how I feel, it’s how I experience the world-with all of my senses. Thank you for appreciating that. I look forward to the sharing of more poetry and words with you John.

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