Dorothy Porter ‘On Passion’

Enlightening, inspiring and moving! Dorothy Porter’s essay on Passion starts with a profound poem she wrote at seventeen about losing her religion, meanders through literature that inspired and stirred her passion throughout her life and ends with the search for Duende and a soulful saeta.
Nietzsche’s ‘Birth of Tragedy’ introduced her to Euripide’s Baccae and Dionysian delights whilst Bronte’s deep rendering of passion in Wuthering Heights (my all time favorite novel) made her wonder about her inspiration. DH Lawrence’s snake poem, Sappho’s smatterings on eros, Rimbaud, Donne’s erotic longings, Ginsberg’s powerful poetry, Hopkins birds, Dostyevsky’s Brothers Karamazov, Paglia’s Vamps & Tramps, shocking Shakespeare, Lorca’s Duende & CP Cavafy’s ‘The God Abandons Antony’ all feature as influences and muses in this rich little dip into the heart and soul of the late great Dorothy Porter.

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