Undine by Penni Russon

‘Undine’ by Penni Russon is the first book in a trilogy about a mythically and aptly named adolescent girl struggling to find out the truth about her father and ultimately about herself and the increasingly volatile power she possesses.

It’s a story so beautifully and poetically written that I savoured every paragraph; never skimmed or rushed through any of it. Penni is a gifted writer with a flair for poetry and beautiful prose full of symbolism, fluidity and a gentle dynamism. She cleverly crafts a complex story of relationship interplay, science, literature and longing that had me engrossed and thoroughly enjoying this voyage of discovery the characters led me on.

All the themes of relationships, family, adolescence, rites of passage and power are delivered subtly yet powerfully to introduce the story of a girl on a journey of discovery to find her absent father and the powerful bond they share.

With names like Undine, Prospero, Ariel & Trout you know you’re in for a mythical, oceanic story full of surprises as she struggles to control nature, master her newfound power and understand her feelings for her best friend, Trout’s older brother and not get caught up in a love triangle.

I cannot wait to start the next book ‘Breathe’ tomorrow. Join me on this journey by picking up a copy too. You won’t be sorry.

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  2. sjb gilmour says:

    Sounds interesting. I’ll add it to my ‘to read’ list.

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