The Three Loves of Persimmon by Cassandra Golds

I’ve been thoroughly entranced and enchanted by this latest gorgeous offering from the lovely Cassandra Golds who manages to deftly delve into the collective unconscious of each and every one of us to present archetypal characters and universal themes we can relate to as we journey through the story.

It’s a love story as the title suggests, or more accurately, it’s a fable about the journey Persimmon: a gorgeous, titian-haired, well-read but lonely florist, whose shop is on the first floor of the train station, just outside the botanical gardens undergoes as she searches for love and her destiny.

It is rich and redolent of allusions to fairytales, quests, journeys, Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet and even a reference to the Beatles’s Eleanor Rigby when Persimmon wonders, “all the lonely people, where do they all come from?” She quotes Shakespeare in everyday conversations with her ornamental cabbage called Rose who is her dearest friend and speaks, yes speaks to her!

That’s not all that speaks in this delightful novel. It’s twin narrative structure interwoven with Persimmon’s story is that of the eponymously named inquisitive and innocent mouse Epiphany who’s on a parallel quest that intersects with Persimmon’s in a fantastically fateful way.

It’s full of mystery and magic, poetry and parable, theatre and music, beauty and art, literature and philosophy. It’s mystical and spiritual, biblical and mythical, deep and meaningful. It’s about loving and living and hoping and risking rejection and ridicule to be true to oneself and to love without fear.

It was a joy to read and discover the truths together with the characters in such an exquisitely crafted story within the beautiful covers of the book that it is one that I will give to friends and students as a gift. A gift of love.

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