Poetry Challenge

Well, it’s a happy new year and I’ve decided to rise to the poem-a-day challenge for the month of January and then write one poem-a-week/month thereafter. This year I want to focus on developing my poetry as well as my novel. I’ve enrolled in a masterclass course with my favorite local poet and short story teacher Claire Gaskin later this year and I’m so excited to be learning from her again.
So here I am at the beach house for the month and I’m surrounded by beautiful coastal scenery and wildlife and feeling so relaxed and inspired. These poems will not be long or polished or perfect but they will be raw and honest and hopefully move you.

Silk, Smoke & keyhole(the prompt given by Sarah)

my skin scrapes against the silk sheets
tearing at the sheen of hope
dreams are discarded
like dust blown away
in the morning
silvery grey smoke rises
from the ashes of things
left behind
my soul weeps for one more chance
I search for the keys to contentment
what does joy look like
through the keyhole?

New Year’s Day

Summer shadows
Ocean breezes
Dragonflies delight
Mozzies take bites
Laughter fades
The sun slowly sinks
Into the calm, green
And I’m home again
Free to be me
And explore my possibilities

Symphony of Summer

Singing birds
Chirping cicada
Cooling breeze caresses my neck
Honeysuckle perfume tickles my nose
Whispering winds through the leaves
On the trees
Barking dogs
Talking to each other
The roar of the ocean
In the distance
Or is that the freeway?
Swaying palms
Dancing to the beat of the
Symphony of Summer

Oh to be a Bumblebee!

Oh to be a Bumblebee
To roam from flower to flower
And remain free

Oh to be a butterfly
To spread my wings
And color before I die

Oh to be the bridesmaid moth
To slink in corners
And be left alone

Oh to be a dragonfly
To dart from lotus to pond
In search of a frog

Oh to be a hummingbird
To hover and hum
And even fly backwards

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One Response to Poetry Challenge

  1. Sarah says:

    Yay!! Very blessed to receive your amazing gift, really loving New Years Day :-) endless possibilities with words and vision

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