The River Wife by Heather Rose – a book review

This is the story of a river and the making of water and the nature of love. Some would say that any story of water is always a story of magic, and others would say any story of love was the same …’

‘The River Wife’ by Heather Rose, is a fairytale fable for grown ups, written in such simple, yet beautiful prose that you feel as if you are carried along by the beauty of the words and in the strange love story between a man and a fish/woman.

The setting is a lush green forest in a timeless land with a robust river running through it. The characters come from pure myth; magical and mystical, yet strangely familiar and down to earth. That is the power of myth: to be both personal and public and to remind ourselves of who we are and who we once were and who we could be once again.

Many different mermyth stories are interwoven in this modern yet classic re-telling making it immensely satisfying to pick up the threads yet find something new and fresh has been made with them.

It’s a love story about the eternal bonds between mother and daughter, father and daughter, fish/woman and man/fish, human and nature, myth and reality, time and eternity. It speaks of the flow of life and love, secrets and sacrifice and takes you along for a captivating ride.

I loved it. It took me a year to get around to reading it but was well worth the wait. It’s the sort of book I’m writing at the moment, tentatively titled “The Selkie Wife”- a modern fairytale/fable/myth.

If you love a classic love story told in seductive poetic prose with a magical mythical twist you’ll love this!

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