Mermyth Musings

Last night I was up all night, whilst everyone in the house was slumbering, finally, reading and more importantly writing my shiny, slightly salty mermyth story. It’s really exciting to be creating something I feel very passionate about and to have the time now on the holidays to continue creating this story. It’s a long way off completion but I can share a little poem I wrote about one of the opening scenes in Chapter 1. Just a little teaser:

Seashells clatter

Feathers flutter

Charms chime

Dreams entwined

Longings heard

On the sea breeze

Seagulls call for their soulmates

Salty smells burn my nostrils

The taste of ozone

Rests on my tongue

I feel the ocean

Pulling me back in


Deep down

Into the soul of the world

Back where I belong

Melpomene (C)  20/9/10

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3 Responses to Mermyth Musings

  1. Ernur Anik says:

    For me there is such a sense of yearning, it tugged at me, and The taste of ozone rests on my tongue – I love that line!

  2. John Danalis says:

    …back where we all belong. I felt the tug too ~ lovely work, Beach Poet.

  3. Melpomene says:

    Thanks John! It’s an old one but where my heart still is…about to let the waves take me all the way…

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