Spring Haiku

O busy bee, Stop

Buzzing and making honey

And smell the roses

Howling wind chills me

Right down, deep into my bones

Making me shiver

Blanket of snowfall

Covering the mountainside

Like in a snowdome

Crunchy golden leaves

Whirling and twirling downwards

Nature’s / Autumn’s confetti

Darting Dragonfly

Zig –zagging  the lily pond

Zapping all the flies

Jasmine breeze wafts down

Perfuming my thoughts and dreams

Sprinkling me with spring

Fresh, fragrant Freesias

perfuming my thoughts with joy

at Spring’s unfolding

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One Response to Spring Haiku

  1. Sarah says:

    oh looovveeee the one about jasmine!!! Beautiful….

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