Parent Teacher Night

Here I am after 6 hours of sitting and talking  to parents about their cherubs or demons (mostly demons) and I’m over it, especially after the disgusting dinner. After 20 years you’d think I would be used to soggy salad, poxy potatoes and lousy lasasgna. Next year I’m bringing my own food!

So far interviews have been positive, friendly and jovial. I’ve even had advice given to me by parents on where to get cheap drugs! Seriously! For migraines of course. Pulse pharmacy is the place to go people.

I’ve even managed to correct work, photocopy handouts for tomorrow, surf the net for new resources, preview new books for the library( Steph Bowe’s “Girl Saves Boy” & “This is Shyness” by Leanne Hall- reviews to come), register for a fantastic conference on ‘Creating Multimodal Texts’ at ACMI, check email, blog, twitter and update my fb status! All in all, it’s been a productive night. Now if I could only work on my novel!

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3 Responses to Parent Teacher Night

  1. Sarah says:

    hahahhahaa…I smile for I once was the student with the mother that sat on the other side of the desk……

  2. Melpomene says:

    It was a pleasant experience chatting to the parents. All good!

  3. Sarah says:

    that’s great! Some parents do care about their childs education and value teachers!

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