New Year New Me

New Year, New Me

New patterns of thinking, doing and being
New connections to people
the earth
A new belief system 
and trust in myself 
and the universe

This year I will listen 
To myself
My body
My heart
This year I will be kinder 
to myself
I will forgive
I will take risks 
I will connect with my soul’s desire
I will trust in the process 
The universe 
And the divine plan 
I will move through life with grace 
Love without limit

I belong to 
The stars
The sun
The moon 
The sea 

I was made for 
Moonlight dancing
Sunset dips
Sunrise loving
Siren singing under the stars 

I belong to the dew 
on the grass
the flowering honeysuckle 
Deep on a summer’s night
The waves kissing the shore
And so much more… 

I was made for dancing in the rain 
Kissing in the dark
Whispering wishes in the wind
Chasing my dreams
Writing Poetry in bed 
Making magic with my pen


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