comb the sky with satellites-it’s still a wilderness by Cathoel Jorss



Cathoel Jorss’ beautiful book of poetry is a work of substantial quality from the very paper it’s printed on to the carefully crafted content contained within.

The poems move through the personal to the political, the public to the private, the prosaic  to the profoundly poetic ruminations on nature, both human and in the natural world and our connections therein.

This book, this creation, this thing of terrifying beauty is for the eyes as well as the hands and heart. It’s a visual delight, a tactile piece of craft, a palpable pleasure of words you can taste in your mouth, sounds you can hear in your head, the touch on your fingertips as you  trace the words.

It is indeed a sensual pleasure to partake of this poetry collection that traverses from inner city Melbourne to European enclaves covering every exploration of her world, sparking the intellect and setting fire to the soul.

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