Cape Sounion Communion



Whispering winds carry the voices of my ancestors
Calling me to my destiny
To return to what I am
To what I must become

I walk down the rocky mountain
following the footfall of my people
Sure footed and solemn
A holy procession out of the temple

The sapphire sea beckons me
With its mesmerising shimmer
It’s glistening wink lures me
Down to discover its depths

Helios guides me and showers me with glowing golden light

Aeolus caresses and directs me…

I feel whole, I feel protected, I feel supported
I feel my fate walking beside me,
Holding my hand and pulling me along playfully
I have no fear
For you are my fate
You are my destiny
You are me
And I am you
Together we are all that has been
All there is
And all that will ever be
We are history
We are myth
We are mystery
We are nature

We are the divine
We are the infinite universe

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