The Odyssey begins








13 October 2013 ~ On the road to Athens via Doha- The first leg


my journey has begun

I take to the air

to spread my wings

to sail the seas

and find my fins…








Morning light breaks over Mumbai and Karachi. Mulling over Muscat and Shiraz. Exotic locales, tastes and flavours, smells and sounds surround me and then Greek voices fill my ears, head and heart in white, dustless alien outposts with sheik males and velied faces with slits looking out, voices that feel like home. They carry me home on the plane as the Greeks all around me walk around the plane chatting as if they were in a local cafe or town square. Whispers of Greek singing me back into existence, into my Greekness.









Descending into Athens like a bird coming home to roost I sighed and *made* my cross to give thanks for a blessed safe arrival. Immediately we headed off on an open air bus tour of the city taking in the ancient majesty on a balmy, breezy afternoon. So many alleyways, tourist shops, dead ends, deserted businesses, lost dreams, defiant graffitti ZITO I ELLAS – “Long live Greece!” but not lost hope. Clinging on despite the debri, despite the hardship are a tenacious people, an eternal culture, a proud arrogant, defiant attitude that is evident on every face.







sirocco breezes blow through me

memories of ancient lives lived fill me

with an ache for all that’s lost

taking me back to who I am







Exploring the ancient part of Athens Plaka and its maze of cobblestoned labyrinthe paths was a delight. Ancient remnants of temples blended in with modern Greek life and the bustle of the the tourist business. I felt at home immediately and conversed with the locals easily, naturally. My blocked up Greek flowed freely as I connected with my homeland, my people, my myth and myself once again.









Magnificent, Olympian columns reach up to the heavens

so stately, so palatial

The Temple of Zeus

pierces the cerulean sky

with such statuesque beauty, such dignity

that I stand mutely miniscule before these

monumental columns and feel a shiver of myth, of majesty and magic.
















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