All That I Am









I am the daughter of Aphrodite
I am risen from the sea

I am the mother of the earth
of the sweet, spicy soil
Gather me up like petals
and scatter me to the wind

I am the sister to the stars
burning with passion undimmed
I’m the glowing, gleaming moon
let the waxing begin
I am the flowing river of longing
yearning for the Mediterannean
I’m the tender, breaking dawn
and the setting sunset dim

I’m the ethereal twilight
As the night rolls softly in
I’m the thunder and the lightning
I’m the rainstorm summoning
I’m the crashing of the waves
rolling in

I am the roar in your ears
of the voices within
I’m the whispers of your secrets
of all things forbidden
I’m the rhythm of your heart
softly thrumming

I am the serpent and the apple
I’m the original sin
I’m the promise of immortality
I’m your soul’s twin

I’m your lover
I’m your mother
I’m your eternal kin

I’m the power and the passion
of the divine feminine

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