It begins with a lump in the throat…

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It begins with a lump in the throat

a tickle on your tongue

dragon’s breath on your neck

a trickle of a tear

rolling down your cheek


It rolls down your back

a tingle on your spine

an ache of your wings

a flutter in your belly

as the butterflies go round


It travels to your toes

an itch in your feet

a stirring of your loins

a tightness in your legs

as you run for your life


It gets caught in your chest

a stab in your back

a gasp heaving breast

a knife that won’t let go

as it steals your breath away



It burns in your belly

a swarm of bees

on your soul

a bird rattling its cage

as it dreams of flying free


It’s the ask and the answer

The song and the dance

The love and the hate


This affliction

This addiction

This love-life heartache


It’s the prayer and the salvation

The laughter and the crying

The forgiveness and forgetting

The madness and the bliss

The hell and the fury

The seesaw of damnation

The never letting go


This life

This love

This ache


This longing and never getting

This perpeptual desire


An unconsumated life

unfufilled memories

stillborn dreams

a defeated warrior

a fallen knight


No happy ever after

No moral to this fable


It rolls with thunder

It rumbles with a roar

It wails with a howl

It ends with a whimper



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4 Responses to It begins with a lump in the throat…

  1. Melpomuse says:

    Thanks so much Aishah!

  2. Adam Byatt says:

    Lovely poem, Melanie.
    Adam B

  3. Melpomuse says:

    Thanks so much Adam!

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