Soulmates never die














A brilliantly beautiful, bittersweet love story between a mermaid and a man. But not just any mermaid and not just any man.

Donna Jo Napoli is a skilful storyteller who masterfully interweaves the myths of Troy and many other classic Greek myths and legends to encompass themes of enduring love, honour, sacrifice and vengeance.

Sirena leaves her mermaid sisters to escape a curse that kills men with her beautiful siren song but finds herself unable to escape the lure of gentle, honourable Philoctetes abandoned on the Island of Lemnos, cursed to suffer the incurable serpent’s bite sent by malicious Hera.

Together they live an idyllic married life on the island until Odysseys’ ship comes and calls on Philoctetes to come back to Greece to help win the Trojan war. Sirena has to make the heartbreaking decision of whether to hold on to her soulmate lover or let him go to save his honour…

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2 Responses to Soulmates never die

  1. Sounds like a wonderful story. I’d be very interested n reading it.

  2. Melpomuse says:

    You should read it Chris. You’d love it, I’m sure!

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