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Sirens of Santorini snippet

Tweet “It is effortless, this floating, this drifting, this being inside my soul without a body. All too easy, like being in a deep, deep sleep. I surrender to the peace and quiet, the velvety stillness. The water fills my … Continue reading

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7-7-7 Meme

Tweet I’ve just started the 7-7-7 meme on Facebook and Twitter and am sharing here as well. Here’s the idea: Go to either page 7 or 77 of your manuscript. Count down 7 lines, then copy the next 7 lines … Continue reading

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BLACK LACE- Flash fiction

Tweet BLACK LACE She peers through the black lace roses veiling her face and her grief, as tears, as big as pearls, roll down her face. She looks around the Byzantine church and cannot see the ikons through the tears … Continue reading

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Learning from “The Alchemist”by Paulo Coelho

Tweet LESSONS LEARNT from “THE ALCHEMIST” Part 1 Today we studied “The Alchemist” in the Year 11 ESL class and shared Morrocan Mint Tea, Chai Lattes, Almonds & Dates, in a haze of sandalwood incense and shaded by lush palm … Continue reading

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Tweet Nereida was sick of being a freak. She would trade it all for her fantasy. She looked up at the faded sign swinging in the breeze, then back down to the card in her hand. They matched. Madame Farouq … Continue reading

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